Your Corporate Portal in Office 365

Office 365 presents a wide range of new possibilities for your Digital Workplace. In order to integrate the Office 365 tools with the company’s communications and identity, a corporate portal can be created with SP Online.
Corporate portals are gateways into the tools, information and links that are relevant for the members of a company. The elements of this corporate portal may vary depending on the company size and the Office 365 tools being used internally. If you’re an enterprise, you might be working with a large all-round digital workplace with separate areas for each department. Start-ups or small teams on the other hand, might be able to fit all their tools into one page.
Whichever is the case, these are a few characteristics you must consider when building your corporate portal:

1. Provide a clear and effective navigation

Make all relevant areas of your Digital Workplace accessible in order to facilitate the users’ navigation and provide them with an overview of the kind of information available for them in the corporate portal.

2. Engage with visual elements

Add a visually pleasing element to your welcome screen on your homepage and guide employees to other relevant areas of your site with embedded links

3. Interact with your employees and encourage discussions

CEO Messages and Internal Blogs are a great way to reduce company meetings and emails by encouraging team and project collaboration through the users’ navigation in your corporate portal.

4. Personalize elements for your employees

In order to increase the value of the corporate portal for your users, include elements that automatically accommodate to your employees preferences as well as elements they can adapt to their convenience. The user’s latest documents and activity, their most used links and tools along with personalized news are examples of this.
5. Show your users what their possibilities are
Include an area where you guide your employees through the digital workplace. Provide them with tips and examples of the use of your selected tools.


Figure 1 – Corporate Portal in SharePoint Online by HansaPlus GmbH


The previous example is based in HansaPlus’ experience and expertise in Digital Workplaces. It is, in spite of this, recommended to customize your corporate portal to fit your company’s specific needs and strategic goals.


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