Sharepoint Online, Digital Transformation

Today, companies face two particular and contradicting at first glance problems. How do their employees stay connected while working remotely and how to remain compliant and secure at the same time.

We help our clients to address both problems with the help of SharePoint On-The-Go simultaneously.
SharePoint On-The-Go supports your mobility initiative by allowing you to effectively mobilize your SharePoint investment and enable you and your team to stay connected to people and documents directly from your mobile devices.

We are aware of the importance of information security. Therefore, SharePoint On-The-Go has been developed to offer a balance between enterprise security and flexibility by allowing mobile access to contents and documents directly from the company’s server without transferring data to an intermediate instance.

Let us show you how your company can stay flexible, productive, and safe.
This Web App supports a variety of authentication methods and mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), so the device, the application and your company’s information remain secure.

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