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Digital Consulting

How will digital trends and technologies change customer expectations in the future? How should business models change?

Whether creating a website for your business or using IT solutions to automate tasks, going digital is no longer optional. A well-planned digital strategy is essential to a company’s survival and tailors IT solutions to drive business growth in any industry.

HansaPlus has over 20 years of experience in IT Consulting and can help you navigate the modern digital landscape. We help our clients find solutions that fit their business needs, eliminate costs through careful selection and decision making, and grow internal knowledge and efficiency through workshops and training sessions. Contact us to learn more about:

Digital Strategy

IT Strategy

Digital Transformation


Customer Experience

Together with HansaPlus, create a high-impact customer experience to accelerate your success. Do not stop at customer support but incorporate a complete offering to drive a customer-centric strategy through continuous improvement.

Customer experience is essential to the continuous growth of the business. It promotes loyalty and customer retention and encourages growth through brand advocacy and recommendations.

Great digital customer experience ensures that customer feels listened to, understood, and valued. Multiple platforms allow the customer to choose how to engage.

We at Hansaplus offer excellent customer experience to our clients and support them in achieving their goals with customer experience. Reach out to learn about:

Services Support
Continuous Optimization
Project & Process Management

IT Solutions

Successful digital business models are based on innovative technology. HansaPlus offers IT solutions in different areas, E-commerce, Data Migration, SaaS, Software Development, Business Intelligence, Mobile Apps, as well as Data & AI that help your company into digital leader.


We create a premium shopping experience for your customers through a tailored e-commerce solution. Make use of modern technology and BI to deliver customer value with a unique brand identity.

Data Migration

We drive our clients' application and data transition from an outdated environment to modern platforms, ensuring an improved and long-lasting lease. Stress-free transformation to achieve specific business goals.


We offer full service for on-demand software to address your specific business needs: development, hosting, and maintenance of software and servers. Reliable and secure access to critical tools from any device and location.

Software Development

We develop software with an optimal balance of out-of-the-box and customized features, providing seamless integration with existing processes, environments & systems.

Mobile Apps

We deliver bespoke mobile applications with effortless UX and cross-platform coverage. Bring a five-star experience to your users through a carefully targeted and designed mobile application.

BI, Data & AI

We enable you to utilize the full potential of your data through well integrated and customized platforms and tools. Reach your maximum potential with data analytics, visualization and performance benchmarking.

What We DO //Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Consistent, strategic branding leads to a strong brand equity, which means the added value brought to your company’s products or Services. We guide our customers in the journey of business self-discovery to define the best elements for their brand based on market and niche research as well as the latest design and usability trends. 

Corporate design

The user experience of your digital solutions influences the future success of your product. No matter whether it is a website or an app, your customers want to find their way quickly and intuitively. To meet these requirements, solutions need visually attractive interfaces and user-friendly functions.

Packging Design

The packaging design is a key success factor for your company, as it is the only instrument that can make the right impression. Our packaging design department are fully committed to developing the best design. We will do our best to make your packaging design unique and create a high recognition value for your brand or product.

Promotion Design

Advertising. Advertising is paid promotion and includes media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television, billboard, subway, direct mail, banner advertising, flyer advertising etc. Also sales promotion and public relations. We help our customers to increase their products awareness, create interest, generate sales or create brand loyalty.

Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence is an essential component of customer relationship management and collects customer data from external and internal sources. The aim is to analyze and better understand customer behavior in order to increase the company's success.

UX Design

UX Design is the generic term for all management methodologies used to improve processes, structures and products from a customer-centric perspective.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for a range of different marketing tools and activities that use digital technology. Use different marketing tactics to connect with your target group in the right place and at the right time through digital formats.

Our Clients

Die Firma Hansa Plus wurde von uns beauftragt unsere Website zu gestalten und aufzubauen. Für die kreativen Ideen, die super schnelle Bearbeitung und die angenehme unbürokratische Kommunikation bedanken wir uns herzlich.
Yutong S.
HansaPlus-Team unterstützt uns nachhaltig bei der Entwicklung und technischer Instandhaltung des Finance Navigator-Tools. Besonders bemerkenswert sind die rasche Umsetzung der Business-Anforderungen und die qualitative Bearbeitung der Tickets/Changes). Für die gute Zusammenarbeit und das hohe Engagement bedanke ich mich herzlich.
Zarina A
Team Finance Processes & Transparency
Die Firma HansaPlus wurde vom GBD Mitte 2013 engagiert, um einige bestehende lokale IT-Applikationen zu warten und weiter zu entwickeln. ​ Trotz der anfänglich schwierigen Situation – HansaPlus musste sich in mehrere Fremdendwicklungen ohne ausreichende Dokumentation einarbeiten – haben wir für alle angefragten Themen immer hervorragende praxisgerechte Lösungen erhalten. Die in den vergangenen 4 Jahren bearbeiteten Themen wurden zunächst in gemeinsamen Workshops diskutiert und anschließend ein passender Lösungsansatz durch HansaPlus entwickelt. Die Kostenvoranschläge und Zeitpläne wurden immer eingehalten. Inzwischen haben alle Beteiligte ein so großes Verständnis für unsere Geschäftsprozesse entwickelt, dass wir auch weiterhin sehr gerne die Dienste von HansaPlus nutzen werden.“
Andreas H
Controlling/ Financial Controlling Our Customers
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