Finance Navigator

The Home of all Beiersdorf Financial Policies and Financial Execution Regulations – has been successfully migrated to SharePoint Online. Since Microsoft no longer provides support for SharePoint 2010, one of our international customer “Beiersdorf AG” decided to transfer one of the most important sites which called “Finance Navigator” from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online. Therefore, HansaPlus, in coordination with the Finance Navigator management team, has successfully completed the migration process.

The new SharePoint Online technology in combination with other Microsoft tools offers a lot of advantages to the end user:
– Accessible anywhere, at any time, on any device without VPN
– Providing additional functionalities, such as printing chapters, forwarding the content via email, the Glossary, and the Accounts Reference Guide.
– Quickly editing documents in the browser or on the desktop, and of course the changes will be saved in the drive.
– Document collaboration: colleagues can work collaboratively on the same document at the same time.

In short, opening the new Finance Navigator on SharePoint Online is faster, more reliable, more secure and user friendly.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Beiersdorf Finance Navigator management team, Beiersdorf Shared Services Team and all the colleagues who were involved in the project.

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