HansaPlus ERP for Yin Seafood

Our client YinSeaFood asked us for advice about the possibility of creating a program to facilitate the ERP process. After many sessions with the client we analyzed the requirements, and our developers began according to the plan to start creating the program that achieves the desired goal.

Yin Seafood GmbH is one of the largest tuna importer in Germany and Europe. The ERP application we developed has helped Yin Seafood to get in-depth to their customer insights and track the customer’s journey from end to end.

The most important technical advantages of the application are as follows:
1- Inventory management
2- Purchase Management
3- Management of Sale and distribution the goods
4- Storage the customer data, supplier and product
5- Organizing of your branches and warehouses
6- Generating delivery note, Invoice, and collective invoice
7- Transferring the goods between your branches and warehouse
8- Multi-languages support
9- Possibility of the exporting all the data in different formats such as PDF, Excel, and CSV
10- Various statistical reports to make the evaluation of your business easier.

The key feature for this tool is the function distribute. Normally the goods from supplier will be sent and receivered by central warehouse and then delivery to diferent warehouses or customers according to the orders. The goods will be collected together for a customer. But for the fresh fishes, this process takes too much time and the performance is too slow. If the supplier send us the delivery note and then each box of the goods will be assigned to different customers or warehouse directly in the system with the delivery date, logistic company and so on. It is another rule, customers will be assigned to the goods. 

Before YinSeaFood applied our HansaPlus ERP tool, all invoices have to create manually according to the marked info in the paper, the transfer all data manually to Lexware and also create report for financial office manually.  

Today the invoice types have One-Invoce, which is one delivery note one invoice;  Weekly-Invoice, which will generate an invoice with all delivery notes for a customer in order to reduce invoices, also PerOrder-Invoice, which will generate an invoice if the delivery note for the order is completely. All delivery notes and invoices can be generated manually or by the system automatically.

With this application, the customer is able to cut down the time taken to generate reports by 60%. Using the CRM application, the user has the ability to generate reports anytime and summarize information 10X faster than before. This has significantly improved our customers’ productivity.

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